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About us

company profile:
name : Universal Co.,Ltd
president:Chang Shin-Min

capital: 30,000,000JPY
establishment: 1993.6
Add:7F NT Bldg, 2-15-8 Nakata, Chikusa, Nagoya, 464-0074 Japan


Annual Sale: 40billion JPY(2010)
Main Business:
Design and manufacture of automotive heat exchanger production line.

Sale agent for heat exchanger tester and tester facility.

Design&development, production and quality control of products for heat exchanger.

Providing automotive material and parts.

Affiliated company

Universal Savings Bank (USD)

Shanghai Huanyouling Trading CO., LTD


Japan Association of Overseas Technical Support

Company idea:
We are proud of that we can provide green, energy saving, environmental protection, low-cost equipment and services, core technology for heat exchanger manufacturers from all over the world. We will continue to try our best. We provide manufacturers with better products and services with our skills, abilities and imagination.

We are very famous in the automotive heat exchanger industry and have a lot of experience.

And we ask Japan Association of Overseas Technical Support team of senior experts to help us to provide users with incredible low-cost advantage and quality advantage.

Key partners

*熱交換器製造設備 KS Engineering株式会社(Calsonic Corporation 100%子会社) T.RAD株式会社(東洋水箱株式会社)
  株式会社CEDAS Maruyasu Kikai工業株式会社 株式会社東成機研(韓国) SK BRAZING CO.(韓国)
*冲压機械及模具  小松産機株式会社 oriimeku株式会社 株式会社美和 富士通FRONTECH株式会社 Aida Engineering(株)
*切断机、成形機  千代田工業株式会社 OPTON株式会社
*钎焊炉 株式会社山崎電機
*水素溶接炉 東京blaze株式会社
*表面処理設備 株式会社中央製作所 million化学株式会社
*試験設備(HE or AIR) 株式会社cosmos計器 株式会社ulvac 株式会社大宇機工(韓国)
*各種評価試験設備及測定機器 株式会社大西熱学 EMIC株式会社 Suga試験機株式会社 株式会社鷺宮製作所 二葉科学
*三次元測定器   株式会社東京精密 株式会社Mitutoyo
*材料: 铝材、FULX、焊接材 三菱铝业株式会社(中国地域総代理店)Muang - Max (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(三菱泰国)
Ma China Extrusion (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.(三菱中国) Rc–Automotive Gmbh(德国)
ALMETAL Industrial Co., Ltd.(韓国) 东京BRAZE株式会社 neis株式会社
森田化学工業株式会社 Seki Chemicals Co.(韓国)
*空调用部品: 膨胀阀,压力开关,热敏开关 鷺宮製作所株式会社(中国地域総代理店) 北陸電気工業株式会社
太平洋工業株式会社(中国地域総代理店) 株式会社大泉製作所
*空调用部品: 橡胶管, 网带, O型圈 株式会社Bridgestone(中国地域総代理店) 株式会社NICHIRIN
東海橡胶工業株式会社 三星网带株式会社
*空调用部品: 风箱 马达 Hyoseong Electric Co., Ltd.(韓国)(中国地域総代理店)
KAMCO(Korea Automobile Motor Co.(韓国)
Our customers
Shanghai delphi auto A/C systems
Air International Shanghai Co., Ltd
YingRui Co.,LTD
Shanghai Grand Ocean Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co, Ltd上
Shanghai Shuanghua Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Reach International Inc
Shanghai Shenxing Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd
BYD Company Limited
Dongfengyijing Co.,LTD
Yangzhou YINGDI Vehicle Material Co., Ltd
Kyung Tai Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.
Super Power Radiator Co., Ltd. Jiangsu
Jiang Yang radiator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Wuxi TRS Heat Exchanger Co.,ltd
Auto air conditioning pipe Tamron Co., Ltd. Changzhou
Silver Wheel Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang
Danfoss (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Micro-channel heat exchanger

Radiator Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Leibei Si
YOUCHUANG Radiator Co., Ltd. Hangzhou
Tokyo Radiator Co., Ltd. in Chongqing
Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. of Nanchong Kang Central
Chongqing hi-tech super-power Co., Ltd.
Southern Intel Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Chongqing Hongmei
Tianjin Tubing
Tianjin plant

Central Auto Radiator Co., Ltd. Shandong Chiping
Genesis Auto Radiator Co., Ltd. Shandong device
Visteon Automotive Air Conditioning (Nanchang) Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Electric Automobile Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.
Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Wanzai Industry Co., Ltd.
China Daheng (Group) Co., Ltd.
Wuhu thermal conductivity Technology Co., Ltd. Jing Bo
New WorldCom Yu Changchun Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.


1993 Established in Japan.

Agent for BRIDGESTONE hose, 500,000 meter on year.

Agent for Mitsubishi Aluminum.

1994 Agent for BRIDGESTONE hose, 1500,000 meter

Agent for Saginomiya Corporation valve.

Supplied of cooling the motor module, expansion valve, low pressure switch from Tianjin FAW Xiali bulk.

1995 Established Shanghai office.

Agent for Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. Japan.

1996 Agent for core builder production line of Calsonic Kansel and import Shanghai Automotive Air Conditioner Factory.( Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.)

Co-developed low-power, low cost, low nitrogen environment-brazing furnace.

Imported the most cheapest NB brazing furnace for Changchun FAW Jetta.

Supplied the Japan blower motor for Changchun FAW-volume.

1997 Established Chongqing and Taijin office.

Sale 6,000,000 Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. Japan valves for Asia.

Annual turnover of 1 billion yen.

1998 Imported 30 brazing furnaces.(advanced, environmentally friendly, energy saving, low cost). It is Shocked in the industry.

Imported complete the introduction of technology development test equipment for Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.

1999 Established Japan Technology Support Association and invited 12 senior Japanese car design, production management, quality control expert.

Agent for Sheng Hyosung Motor (strain) agents (Korea's largest motor vehicle manufacturer).

2000 Imported a complete set of Auto Air Conditioning production line for YingRui Co.,LTD.

Annual turnover of 1.5 billion yen.

2001 Supplied a complete set of radiator production line for Yangzhou YINGDI Vehicle Material Co., Ltd.

Supplied a full set of high-speed automatic pipe production line for Tubing plant in Tianjin.

2002 Agented and imported the Maximum size radiator machines in China.

Supplying Automotive tubing, brake pipe tubing, aluminum.

Annual turnover of 2 billion yen

2003 Agented for famous brand cold motor, ABS motor, wind motor and auto EPS motor.

2004 Co-developed importing aluminum condenser production line and technology.

Co-developed low-power, low cost, low nitrogen environment-brazing furnace 40 set.

2005 Introduced in China aluminum condensers, heat exchangers, tanks, lines and other equipment 27 lines.

Annual turnover of 3 billion yen.

2006 Established India office.

Invested and established Shanghai Huanyoulin trading co.,ltd.

Invested Kang Co., Ltd., Central heat exchanger aluminum heat exchanger production of military vehicles.


Japanese office sale aluminium extrusion products for automotive heat-exchanger 6000t in one year.

2007 Invested and established SHANGHAI ZHONGYOUSHENG PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD. UB made Japan's professional success of the plant design to China and achieved to make in China.

We become the Japanese auto industry to promote the LCC (low cost strategic planning) and third-party provider. Low-cost equipment, the Japanese automotive industry, die key procurement partners, and with the guarantee agreement entered into secret. When the Japanese manufacturers to provide low cost high quality water tank assembly machine 2 sets. CK Romania aluminum radiator provides production line.

Got the best LCC (low cost strategic planning) vendor awards.

Supplied sets new all-aluminum radiator production line for Changchun Yuxin Company.

Designed the heat exchanger production line, machines and quality control of products for Roumania and Indonesia

2007 Shanghai factory successful design semi-automatic core builder and condenser.

Provide the Japanese car muffler assembly line equipment for Japanese professional company.

Provide low-cost NB brazing furnace, water tank production line forTank factory in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia tank tank factory factory

2009 Design the heat exchanger production line, machines for Chinese famous heat exchanger company.

Got the advanced, environmentally friendly, energy saving NB Excellence Award.

2010 With Japanese companies to develop the world's first high-speed welding pipe machine, the production speed of 300M / min, cutting speed of 1000 times / minute.

With the famous Japanese car equipment manufacturer signed a key strategic partner of annual procurement contracts.

Annual turnover of 4 billion yen.

2011 Shanghai factory successful design radiator tank clinching machine and sale for Japanese famous customer.

Shanghai factory successful design core builder for India Banco.

Sign the contract with Japan specializing in the production plant about High-frequency welded pipe stainless steel pipe sales of machine development.

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